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Creeps and Peepers, Roberts and Annabelles and all our Bad Magicians!

Very excited to announce that tickets are ON SALE NOW for the first annual Scared to Death Live Haunted Halloween - true tales of Hallow’s Ever horror! 


The show is happening Thursday, October 28th, 6PM PST. 

There will be a live chat room for those watching in real time on the 28th, and you’ll be able to rewatch it - or, if you can’t make it - watch it for the first time through Halloween night.


Much like our previous La Llorona live show - these stories will never be told on a regular Tuesday night episode, or on one of the Patreon episodes. 

You can only hear them at this Moment House Digital Experience.


This year, I’ll be telling three stories that have all taken place on Halloween night! 

The first takes place at a Halloween party in 1973, where the scariest guest at the party is not someone wearing a costume. 

The second story is set in 1985, when two extra spooky trick or treaters show up at someone’s door. 

And the third is the Legend of Murder Creek. 

On Halloween night, 1890, just outside of the little town of Akron, New York, a very troubled seventeen year old, Sadie McMullen, throws two little girls off a railroad bridge and into a small brook that will now be known as Murder Creek. 

The nine year old dies and ever since, the angry, vengeful spirit of little “Nellie” Connor is rumored to show herself late on Halloween night. 

And Lynze, of course, will be sharing more fantastic fan submitted horror. So many spoops! 

Limited edition merch for this event is now available! This merch will no longer be on sale once Halloween is over and November has begun.

Please watch the video if you’re having issues redeeming your code. Use a valid email for safekeeping your code